Novato Police Officers Association
Novato POA
PO Box 2727
Novato, CA, 94948

About Us:

The Novato POA represents the police officers, detectives, corporals, dispatchers and records staff that serve the citizens of Novato 24/7.  These are the line officers and department staff that contact the public on a daily basis.  We refer to them as "the boots on the ground" who are doing all the hard work for your community.  As a group of city employees, our association works toward retaining seasoned and well trained officers from leaving your city in lieu of employment elsewhere.  An important part of retention, is collective bargaining with city management.  Currently our city pays it's police department employees less than any other agency in Marin County and the vast majority of surrounding agencies in other counties. 

This makes it difficult for our association to retain employees longer than five years. According to the latest information from the California Peace Officer Standards and Training website "Recruiting qualified applicants who can successfully complete the California Peace Officer Selection Process continues to be a major challenge to California law enforcement agencies.  A recent POST survey revealed a significant number of law enforcement agencies are still experiencing high applicant failure rates, often as high as 90% to 95%.  The primary issues causing high applicant failure are weak academic performance, primarily in reading and writing, weak fitness levels, and deficits in character and behavior".  For the last 20 years, there has been a cycle in our city where new hires come to the Novato Police Department out of the academy.  They receive excellent training and police experience only to leave for employment elsewhere. The vast majority of the police officers working in Novato today have less than 5 years of experience, whereas at other agencies, the average is between 10 to 15 years experience.  

Our association believes this cyclical trend is a disservice to the citizens of Novato and money not well spent.  On average, it costs the tax payers of Novato $150,000 to hire and train a new police officer.  This money is thrown away a few years later when that officer leaves, because the employee can get a better salary closer to market rate or family healthcare benefits at a neighboring agency.  As a result of these inconsistencies within the city, hundreds of quality employees have left to go elsewhere.  We believe that this puts your safety at risk and ask that you support us and voice your concerns.   Lets keep these quality officers here in Novato!!!

Our officers each month donate a portion of their paycheck to our Association.  These funds are used, in part, to build a safer community.  The Association donates on a regular basis to community projects, student sporting events and charities.  We look forward to many more years of working in partnership with this community.