Novato Police Department K-9's and their Partners
Lets meet the dogs!!!
"Lex" (Belgian Malinois)-Ofc. Pilegaard

"Koa" (German Shepard)-Ofc. Sinnott 

Retired K-9s

"Metz" (Belgian Malinois) 
"Ingo" (German Shepard)
"Kyto" (German Shepard)
"Raven" (German Shepard)

Novato Police Department K-9s

The Novato Police Department currently has three K-9s.  These four-legged officers are part of our family and serve and protect the citizens of Novato daily.  The are crossed trained, which means that they are used for the searching and apprehension of wanted felons and are also used for narcotics detection due to their keen ability for scent.